At the Find Group, we aim to provide an online service across the different businesses.  Here are the steps we take for each business:

Accounting: Tax Returns
1. 1st week in July you will receive an email and link to our tax checklists.  Takes a few minutes to fill them out.
2. We send you a File Invite to upload your documents
3. Once we have received your documents we place you in the queue to complete your return
4. We will email you any enquiries we have related to your return/s
5. We send you the Final Report to view.  This is when you let us know if any changes need to be made before we lodge the return.
6. Once the invoice is paid and signatures returned, the return is lodged on your behalf.

Financial Planning: Comprehensive vs Scaled Advice

We will take each client through the Find Program.  During the Initial Consult, you can elect to receive ‘Scaled advice’ which means you only want us to look at one specific area of your situation right now e.g. Personal Insurances, or you can elect to have ‘Comprehensive advice’, whereby we will review your whole situation.

Here are the steps we take clients through (again, you can miss a step or two when doing scaled advice) with regard to your financial affairs: